Practice areas

Land Acquisition

The government often takes private land to build roads, airports, infrastructure, or government use. After the Right to Fair Compensation


Deeds And Conveyances

Any person who is willing to transfer land or sell it has to do a deed and follow the law in registering it. It is a complex process that requires the help of experts 

Succession Planning

One buys property or inherits it from their family, but very often, since the owner of the property does not write a will, the question of inheritance becomes a problem

Intellectual Property

Companies around the world turn to us for their most important intellectual property (IP) and technology needs.


Land Conversion

Land owned may not always be developed and would be lying as agricultural or paddy land or even as a wetland.


Disputes With Governments

We, as citizens, are guaranteed many rights by the Constitution. When we have such rights, the government must provide us with many things to uphold these rights.

Licenses Permit & Clearances

Many activities we undertake require licenses from the government due to the complex laws that have been put in a place for different objectives, such as protecting the environment



Lifeline Legal is committed to the highest standards of drafting, vetting, and negotiating any agreements or documentation.



Domestic Violence

Standing firm against domestic violence, we are committed to supporting and guiding  victims. 


Consumer Protection

Our expertise in Consumer Protection extends to vigilant safeguarding of consumer rights. 



LLS’s seasoned construction team possesses unparalleled skill in navigating the complexities of construction projects.



Standing firm against domestic violence, we are committed to supporting and guiding  victims. 



LLS boasts a specialized team dedicated to Admiralty and Maritime Law, offering unparalleled expertise in vessel transactions.


Animal Protection

LLS is deeply committed to animal welfare.



In aviation, our specialized team offers comprehensive support tailored to the industry’s unique requirements.



Within the dynamic world of franchising, our experts provide nuanced legal guidance to both franchisors and franchisees



At the forefront of energy matters, our team addresses the multifaceted legal aspects of energy production, distribution, and compliance.



Immersed in the rich tapestry of art and cultural heritage, our experts provide a holistic range of services designed to navigate the legal nuances specific to this domain