Practice areas

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are very common in India. Every hour, accidents are reported, injuries are sustained, and death is caused by such motor accidents.


Marriage in India is governed by personal laws dependent on one’s religion or community, and there may be many hurdles in the process of getting married

Custody Of Children

Custody of children is one crucial aspect of Divorce/Separation. It is a matter of utmost importance whether the children will stay with the mother or the father

Property Dispute

Disputes related to property can be seen in every second household and neighborhood.. With the nuclear family structure, ancestral property

Contracts & Agreements

Contracts are part and parcel of our daily lives. Every transaction or purchase we’re dealing with is a part of an agreement between 2 people.



You often face issues at work related to promotions, salary, benefits, termination, etc. Job security and a good work environment are what make your lives peaceful


With such a fast-paced life, insurance becomes critical. Securing your property, car, health, and most importantly, life.

Compensation Cases

Any damage/loss caused to you or your property by anyone through any means gives rise to the claim of compensation

Criminal Matters

In criminal law, it is the most important saying thatwe are considered innocent by the courts untilproven to be guilty.

Arbitration & Mediation

Since the approach through courts has become lengthy, arbitration has become an essential part of any business worldwide.

Companies & Firms

Constituting a firm and incorporating a company requires a high level of expertise as compliance with the laws in these areas is strict and complex to follow.

Legal Opinion

Our lack of awareness of the laws concerning certain parts of our life or business often gets us in trouble, and we often lose substantial time and money over such oversights